Mardeco has supplied Architectural Hardware for many large projects in New Zealand and overseas.

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holiday-inn-melbourne Mardeco M series a

Holiday Inn Flinders on Melbourne Renovation Rooms and Corridors.
Architect: Rothelowman Architecture & Planning
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Completion: 2017
Item(s) supplied: M - Series

Ap living Alexandra Park M series by Mardeco a

AP Living Alexandra Park
Architect: RTA Studio, DJRD Architects
Location: Epsom Auckland
Completion: 2017
Item(s) supplied: M - Series

sugartree s-803
Sugartree Urban Living
Location: Nelson St. Auckland
Completion: 2015
Item(s) supplied: 1092 Handle

Queens Residence-535-466
Queens Residences
Architect: Leuske Group Ltd. Architects
Location: Auckland
Completion: 2015
Item(s) supplied: 2004 Handle

Ocean point Orewa b-865-171
Ocean Point Orewa
Architect: MacIntosh Harris Architecture Interiors
Location: Orewa, Auckland
Completion: 2015
Item(s) supplied: 4022 Handle

Metlife Care Greenwich Gardens Retirement Village
Location: Unsworth Heights, Auckland
Completion: 2015
Item(s) Supplied: 3126 handle

Brickworks Hobsonville point-793-92
Brickworks Hobsonville Point
Location: Hobsonville Point, Auckland
Completion: 2014
Item(s) Supplied: 2004 handle

Carlaw Park Student Accommodation s1-324
Carlaw Park Student Accommodation
Architect: Warren & Mahony
Location: Auckland
Completion: 2014
Item(s) supplied: 4030 handle

Novotel Ellerslie s-591
Refurbishment Novotel Auckland Ellerslie
Architect: David Forbes Pty Ltd
Location: Auckland
Completion: 2008
Item(s) Supplied: Stainless Steel handle SS6010

Westpac head office s-633
Westpac Head Office
Architect: Jasmax
Client: Westpac
Location: Auckland
Completion: 2011
Supplied: SC4520 Extrusion

Nugent Apartments s-59
Nugent Apartments
Architect: Swan Railley
Location: Auckland
Completion: 2013
Supplied: 4030 handle

Remuera Rise Apartments s-439
Remuera Rise Apartments
Architect: Clark Brown
Location: Auckland
Completion: 2013
Item(s) Supplied: 2003 handle

Balfour Apartments Parnell s1-215
Balfour Apartments Parnell
Architect: Leuschke Group
Location: Auckland
Completion: 2013
Item(s) Supplied: 4034 handle

Point Ridge Apartments s-983
Point Ridge Apartments Albany
Architect: Swan Railey and Associates
Location: Auckland
Completion: 2012
Item(s) Supplied: 3064 handle

Middlemore hospital s-778
Middlemore Hospital Refurbishing
Architect: Beca Design Team
Location: Auckland
Completion: 2003 - ongoing
Item(s) Supplied: 2002 handle

Kensington Park Orewa s-994
Kensington Park Orewa
Architect: Earc Auckland Ltd.
Location: Orewa
Completion: 2008 - ongoing
Item(s) Supplied: 3064 handle

The Poynton Retirement village s-220
Metlife Care The Poynton Retirement Village
Architect: Chaw Hill Auckland
Location: Takapuna, Auckland
Completion: 2013
Item(s) Supplied: 1012 handle

Countdown Supermarket check outs
Nation wide stores
Item(s) supplied: 1132/96 and SC4520

The Warehouse Ltd.
Nation wide stores
Item(s) supplied: CL Slam Locks