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Fitflex is a modular, expandable wooden cutlery tray insert system. It can expand to fit carcass widths between 400 to 600 mm. It will fit most common drawer systems. Minimum drawer depth 470 mm.

The Cutlery insert trays are made of solid beech with a plywood bottom, assembled ready to use. The surface is clear lacquered. Mardeco International Ltd. is the exclusive distributor in New Zealand of the made in Europe FITFLEX range of quality Cutlery tray inserts.

The cutlery tray insert consist of a base which goes from 400 to 600 mm. It is very easy and quick to assemble, the only tools needed are scissors and a Philips screw driver.


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Suitable for all Dream Kitchen Designs, Contemporary, Country, Small or Large! Ask for European made FITFLEX Cutlery Inserts at your local kitchen and cabinet maker.

Fitflex Wooden Cutlery Tray 400-600 mm, 500 mm B small400 600

Basic Cutlery Tray fits 400 - 600 mm carcass, 3 parts, 4 compartments. Minimum drawer depth 470 mm

Item code: FFB010

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