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With a real focus on quality, Mardeco had been searching for some time to find a stunning range to offer to the high-end market within New Zealand. With that, the door to the JNF range was opened to kiwis for the first time.
Featuring sleek European design, and guaranteed quality, JNF offers something excitingly different for the discerning consumer. JNF pride themselves on addressing and creating trends within contemporary architecture, whilst always adhering to strict quality guidelines, ensuring that only the best products make it over to our shores.
The range fulfils the needs of New Zealanders by being appealing, durable, and most importantly, practical.
The creative minds at JNF in Portugal have created a range of handles, hooks, flush pulls, door stops, locks and hinges that will fit seamlessly into any building and help any New Zealander create the home they have always envisioned.

JNF architectural hardware by Mardeco, is available through selected specialized hardware stores nationwide.

All items featured on this site are stock items.

JNF-Loft original small


in 14 601 small a

in 16 400 small
   Flush Pulls

loft doorstop 30 s s
Loft Pull small a

Pull Handles
in 20 896 small
Mortice Locks

JNF by Mardeco IN 05 062 Concealed 3D Hinge Black s

Hinges and Pivots

IN 15 002 FP

Sliding Door Hardware



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