JNF Lever Handles

Designers JNF

JNF offers a range of different rose options. The 50 mm standard rose, the Less is more flush mounted rose and the very minimalist Even Less rose. Choose your unique combination of lever design and rose.

Please note: only use JNF mortice locks and passage sets for the JNF range of lever handles.

Select below the type of rose.


Lever Handles on Standard Rose

50 mm rose

JNF-Loft original small

Lever Handles on Less is More rose

50 mm flush mounted rose
designed for 35 - 50 mm door thickness.

JNF-Loft less-is-more s

Lever Handles on Even Less rose

25 mm flush mounted rose

JNF-Loft even-less s
Standard rose technical 1 s
less is more technical 1 s

even less technical 1 s


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